Hello, I'm Almer.

UX Writer | Content Strategist

 I can always seize my fleeting thoughts triggered by things however negligible and deduce the psychology and logic from it

I call that an acute instinct for experience.   

How did I become a UX Writer?

While I graduated from a medical school and later obtained my MFA as a novelist, my journey didn't stop there. Eight years of scientific study cultivated a pragmatic mindset. As a result, I crave cutting-edge knowledge and the challenges of solving realistic problems. I want to be around creative people who are building a concrete future.

Through friends and relatives who were developers, designers, or business owners, I had the chance to write for apps, small business websites, social media posts, blogs, email campaigns, etc.  Then I came to the United States to study creative writing and film at California College of the Arts. While working as a writing coach, I participated in many design students' final projects and thesis, reviewing and helping them improve their UI texts, information architecture, user's journey maps, product copies, and artist's statements. 

Combining design and writing excites me, especially when there's an objective result to observe. That's what I couldn't gain from medical school, a career that requests little creativity, and what I couldn't expect from writing novels, which is everything but objectivity. 

And just like that, I became this medical school graduate novelist dedicated to the tech industry. 


Tell me something about you and what can I do for you. 

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