LEONARDO is a young artist's cut-throat adventure to God and fame through two distinctive lovers and a family tragedy. The novel discloses that only after one experiences a worldly and selfish love can one know the love of God. Meanwhile, it delves into the tragedy of having everything life has to offer too early.


"She has that forbearance that enables her to resist and wait. Even though she desires so much for the transitory happiness at hand, she can still turn her face away. Such pride is not in her disposition but in her soul, and thus gives her a sense of dignity and harshness. "

“You know what is cruelest about the Lord? Silence, permanence, and His permanent silence.”


Thesis Craft Talk at CCA MFA Writing Program 


Sun and Snow
Almer He


Winter is hateful, nothing but cold
she takes away the color,
gone with all kinds of hopes,
like trampled slush, 
as the sand hardens the chill.
Crows are the bald tree’s leaves 
flutter and squeak
no complacence in their sound
Are they missing the autumn as I am
Do they feel sorry 
for their blackness 
like I’ve been tired of permanence 
in the lust for things that won’t last 
to last 
Why the apocalypse waits so long
as the autumn has gone
the epilogue is cruel for being late, 
in the days when we were happy
I’m a prisoner
Jail is the past
where diamonds blaze 
like summer 
overthrow the sun
Either they cheat in Bible 
or heaven is in chaos 
and leaves no light on
Now you know why angels dressing white
God is stingy after all
You gotta borrow fire 
from your old warm 
He’s sweeping the dustless street
glowing like a bulb in the daylight
outside my drowned window
blue and intact  
I vote down the scheme of suicide
in dream, but wake up and find 
I was dead